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Substance-Field Analysis

Substance-Field (Su-Field) Analysis is a TRIZ heuristic that is based on modelling. Su-Field Analysis represents technical systems as a set of interconnected components – a set of substances interacting with each other by means of fields, which, in turn, are generated by the substances. Both substances and fields are sketched as circles. Su-Field Analysis allows representing different technical systems in a similar way – by means of circle-substances and circle-fields. Such generalisation allows a user to model different systems in a uniform way and to apply similar rules to resolve problems that look dissimilar, but are fundamentally alike.

Su-Field Analysis consists of 5 Steps and utilises 5 Model Solutions. The 5 Model Solutions represent five general solution “recipes”. In order to generate ideas, a practitioner reformulates a general model solution into the problem-specific model solution and then searches through the eight fields of MATCEMIB (Mechanical, Acoustic, Thermal, Chemical, Electric, Magnetic, Intermolecular, Biological) for solution ideas that are ‘suggested’ by the model solution. It has been reported that application of Su-Field Analysis boosted the number of ideas generated during problem solving and failure analysis.

IIt is anticipated that a complete set of educational materials for teaching and self-learning of the Substance-Field Analysis will be available in early 2018.