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Size-Time-Cost Operator

The Size-Time-Cost (STC) Operator heuristic engages a user in reframing a problematic situation. STC operator suggests considering six conditions of situation improvement. A user is expected to think of her/his actions when each of the three parameters (size, time and cost) sequentially reaches two limits: zero and infinity (e.g. What would I do if I had ZERO funding for the improvement?).

A set of educational materials for self-learning of the STC Operator heuristic contain the STC Operator Video, STC Operator Solution Template, STC Operator Cheat Sheet and STC Operator Web Tool. All these self-learning resources are already available and can be found by clicking on the ‘Materials for self-learning’ link below. 

A Power Point file for the teachers can be found by clicking on the ‘Teaching materials‘ link below.