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Notion of Resources

When we plan a new design or need to solve an existing problem, we often forget to ‘look around’ and to establish the resources that are already in our possession. Later on, when significant time and money have already been wasted, we may realise that something that we really needed for success of our project had been available from day one…

In order to ensure that time and money are minimally wasted, TRIZ experts suggest listing all the available resources early in the project. Moreover, they do it in a structured way, grouping the resources into categories (e.g. Substance resources, Energy resources, Time resources).

The Resources heuristic engages users in establishing the resources that are available to them. This helps them to achieve their design/problem solving goals with less effort and in minimal time.

A set of educational materials for self-learning of the Resources heuristic contain the Resources heuristic Video, the Resources heuristic Solution Template, the Resources heuristic Cheat Sheet and the Resources heuristic Web Tool. All these self-learning resources are already available and can be found by clicking on the ‘Materials for self-learning’ link below.

The reader may also consider reading the paper on development of a crash barrier, that shows what resources were established by the design team and how these resources helped in developing their inventive solution.