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Notion of the Ideal Ultimate Result

Notion of the Ideal Ultimate Result (IUR) that, due to different translation from Russian, is also known as the Ideal Final Result (IFR) is one of the primary TRIZ concepts. Analysis of patents established that technical systems develop towards the IUR – step after step system’s function is becoming closer and closer to self-fulfilling (e.g. lights at many public spaces switch on when people enter these spaces and switch off if no movement is detected for some time).

Formulating the IUR and reflecting on its meaning helps a user to establish the direction of evolution for the system under consideration and also engages her/him in reframing the situation.

A set of educational materials for self-learning of the IUR heuristic contain the IUR Introductory Video, IUR Solution Template, IUR Cheat Sheet and IUR Web Tool. All these self-learning resources are already available and can be found by clicking on the ‘Materials for self-learning’ link below.

A Power Point file for the teachers can be found by clicking on the ‘Teaching materials‘ link below.

You may consider reading the following papers that offer insights in formulation of the IUR: (1) Development of novel measurement method, (2) Development of a crash barrier.

You may also watch a short animation developed by the TETRIS project that contains formulation of the Ideal Ultimate Result (named as the Most Desirable Result in the video).