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Finding a key detection method with TRIZ

Case Study

Finding a key detection method with TRIZ

April 2013

The old design of the 3SB1 lock used a micro switch to detect if the key is within the lock. To use this micro switch, cables had to be run through the lock and to be connected to a special socket. A special device had to be used to connect to this socket and to transfer the signal to the wires. The task was to make the whole design smaller and reduce the costs of the assembly.
After several other solutions were tried and none led to the desired end, a TRIZ workshop was conducted. Within that workshop, a function analysis (modern TRIZ, as in TechOptimizer) with a trimming variant was created. Resources were listed and 40 inventive principles were used.
The solution that was found reduced the manufacturing costs dramatically, was much smaller than the original design and had also a new feature that was appreciated a lot by the customer.
This case study was provided by Dr Robert Adunka

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Robert Adunka
Design improvement