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Fields of MATCEMIB

MATCEMIB is an acronym for the eight ‘fields’: Mechanical, Acoustic, Thermal, Chemical, Electric, Magnetic, Intermolecular and Biological. Although the fields of MATCHEMIB were introduced as prompts during idea generation in the TRIZ heuristic of Substance-Field Analysis, they can be used on their own.

In essence the fields of MATCEMIB play a role of simple heuristic that facilitates ‘manual’ search of the user’s knowledge database. While thinking of the means to deliver a required function a user is expected to sequentially consider whether each of the eight fields of MATCEMIB is suitable for the principle of operation (e.g. Can the required function be delivered Mechanically?...Can it be delivered Chemically?..).

A set of educational materials for self-learning of the MATCEMIB heuristic contains the MATCEMIB Video, MATCEMIB Solution Template, MATCEMIB Cheat Sheet and MATCEMIB Web Tool. These resources are already available and can be found by clicking on the ‘Materials for self-learning’ link below.

A Power Point file for the teachers can be found by clicking on the ‘Teaching materials‘ link below.

It is also recommended that the reader studies a few papers that reflect on the outcomes of the experiments held at universities in Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Italy and Russian Federation. These experiments showed that students that were exposed to the eight words of MATCEMIB generated two and a half time more independent ideas than their peers from control groups. Also the ideas generated with help of MATCEMIB were twice as broad at that proposed by students from control groups. Download the papers: (1) experiment in Australia, Czech Republic, Finland and Russian Federation; (2) German experiment; (3) Italian experiment.  You may also read on application of MATCEMIB by engineers at Philips.