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On the Effectiveness of TRIZ Tools for Problem Finding

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On the Effectiveness of TRIZ Tools for Problem Finding

December 2015

The ability to understand problems well, often referred as problem finding, is identified as the most important aspect of engineering problem solving. The use of some ideation tools can assist in this endeavor. The effective utilization of certain tools can even impact the long-term development of problem solving ability. This study investigates how different tools of TRIZ can be helpful for problem finding. This paper considers the following: 1) What functionality are required in a problem solving tool to ensure effective problem finding?; 2) Which tools of TRIZ can assist problem finding?; and 3) How does the use of these TRIZ tools enhance the process of problem finding? The tools explored in this paper are: Situation Analysis, Substance – Field Analysis, Method of the Ideal Result, ARIZ, OTSM and IDM-TRIZ. Discussions are also made as to why these tools of TRIZ offer benefit for problem finding. The results from this paper have implications on the design of training programs in TRIZ for both educational and professional settings. Download this paper.

Author/s (date): 
Jennifer Harlim, Iouri Belski
TRIZ, Idea generation