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Application of Substance-Field Analysis for Failure Analysis

Case Study

Application of Substance-Field Analysis for Failure Analysis

November 2013

In 1991 Zlotin and Zusman proposed to systematically search for possible failure scenarios by utilizing an inversion approach. Instead of searching for the reasons of a failure, they suggested to generate system failures. This approach has since been further developed and successfully utilized by industry.

This paper presents two practical application of the ‘inverted’ systematized Substance-Field Analysis for failure analysis. The first case study is devoted to application of Substance-Field Analysis in establishing the reasons for a wiper switch failure. In the second case study Substance-Field Analysis had been used to establish the main reasons for sediment spillage created during backhoe dredging. Download this case study.

Author/s (date): 
Anne Belski, Iouri Belski,Teng Tat Chong, Richard Kwok
Tools of TRIZ: 
RMIT, ST Kinetics
Failure analysis, failure prevention