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40 Innovative Principles

The 40 Innovative Principles are ‘‘solution recipes’’ that have been applied successfully in thousands of patents. To derive the 40 Innovative Principles, more than 20,000 patents were analysed. The 40 Principles can be used separately, but they yield more focused solutions when used in combination with the Contradiction Table.

In essence, the 40 Innovative Principles is a search-based idea generation heuristic. It helps a user to search her/his knowledge and practical experience for analogies that are suggested by a specific principle and use these analogies to solve a problem under consideration.

It is anticipated that a set of educational materials for teaching and self-learning of 40 Innovative Principles will be available by 2019. In a meantime the reader can download the list of the 40 Innovative Principles (provided by TRIZ4U). The reader may try utilising the 40 Principles by reading each of them and asking her/him-self whether the action suggested by this principle can be used to solve the problem under consideration.

You also may watch a short animation developed by the TETRIS project on simple application of Principle 13.