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Situation Analysis

Many engineering experts consider the step of situation analysis that helps to comprehend What is wrong a Why as the most important step of engineering problem solving. TRIZ experts usually use questionnaires early in their projects to effectively familiarise themselves with problematic situations.

It is anticipated that a set of educational materials for teaching and self-learning of Situation Analysis (SA) will be available by May 2017. At the moment the reader can download the Situation Analysis Template (provided by TRIZ4U). 

The reader may try utilising the Situation Analysis (SA) Template by answering its 11 questions. Please be aware that the process of filling in the SA template is not linear and a user must not rush. Sometimes a later question may suggest to a user to return to an earlier one and to adjust the answer to it. Sometimes answering a question may require additional information on the problematic situation. In essence, the SA template facilitates problem comprehension and problem reframing.