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Educational Resources

This web repository of TRIZ materials will contain educational materials to help academics in introducing simple TRIZ heuristics to their students. It will also offer students with short videos, simple examples and exercises that students can study on their own. The list of TRIZ heuristics that will be covered by this web repository can be found in Table 1 of the paper titled: “TRIZ Education: Victories, Defeats and Challenges” (Download).

At the moment educational materials are available for the following heuristics:

Size-Time-Cost Operator

Fields of MATCEMIB

The Heuristic of the Ideal Ultimate Result

The Resources Heuristic

To view/download these materials, please go to the 'Tools of TRIZ’ tab and choose the appropriate heuristic from the drop down menu.

It is anticipated that by the end of 2017 the repository will offer educational materials for the six TRIZ heuristics that are listed in Table 1 of the abovementioned paper as suiting undergraduate students as well as for the tool of Situation Analysis. By the end of 2019 the repository will be appended with another five heuristics – that suiting postgraduate students. Please note that materials offered by this repository are intended for usage by university academics and students and are offered under the Creative Commons Licence.

It would be advantageous for any educator and student to devote some time and to read a few papers that are devoted to the outcomes of introduction of TRIZ heuristics to engineering students at numerous universities all over the world. The outlines of some of these papers are provided below.

Please study the 'Edisons 21: Teaching and Learning Mind Map' (Download) before you start teaching or learning TRIZ heuristics.

July 17

Conditions and deadline of the Creativity Challenge 

May 17

Participate in the Edisons 21 Creativity Challenge, enhance your creative skills and win a trip to Sydney in December 2017!

January 17

Please study this Mind Map before you start teaching or learning TRIZ heuristics. The Mind Map suggests how to use the educational resources that have been uploaded to the fellowship repository.

January 17

Download this Cheat Sheet for the Size-Time-Cost (STC) Operator heuristic and use it after you have watched the STC Operator video and have applied the STC Operator heuristic once or twice with help of the STC Solution Template.

January 17

Download this Solution Template for the Size-Time-Cost (STC) Operator heuristic and use it to frame or reframe one or two tasks (after you have watched the STC Operator video). Afterwards you may download the STC Operator Cheat Sheet and use it as a guide during framing and idea generation.